Server time:
Server name: X9999


    Max Mu Online Season 19 OPENING 9.NOVEMBER

    Mu Online S19 P1-3 Is ONLINE

    Server has moved to new Season 19 Part 1-3!
    To play download new Max Mu Online Game client!

    • 5th Class & Quest for all characters
    • Ability Core 5th Skill Tree
    • Ability Cards: DMG, Skill, Option, Elite
    • Extra damage type for characters: Nuke, Bolt, AoE
    • New attributes in character extended statistics window
    • Extra damage for monsters
    • 5th Wings and Wing Core
    • Fusion Skills for all characters, combined effects of different skills with renewed visual effects
    • Giants: three types of improving moving speed robots
    • New mixes of the wings and cards
    • Chaos rates are not properly assigned depending of item type, normal/ancient etc
    • Talisman of Item Protection is not working for  Wings of Conqueror/Socket Necklaces
    • In-game interface can get locked in certain scenario of using Mu Helper Plus
    • Corrected Explosion Debuff Damage type from pink (reflect) to white one
    • Elemental damage increase by wings cannot be disabled for GLow Lancer
    • Mastery Bonus option does not work for Fairy and Lancer shields
    • Spell Stone mix does not respect server configuration of min. level and option
    • Last/Most hit damage does not work correctly when accumulated damage will get above 2147483647, now it supports max 18446744073709551615



    New Season 19 updates added v5

    New updates added, run launcher to get latest game patch or download from HERE and extract over old game client!


    [FIX] Inventory could bug after rewarding item larger than initial one
    [FIX] Corrected behavior of applying Mysterious Stones to match original system
    [FIX] Reworked Solid Protection skill logic/effects and added tank damage visual effect
    [FIX] Swell Life was decreasing HP if used after Solid Protection
    [FIX] Players could get randomly and incorrectly disconnected by Off-Level max use time check
    [FIX] Combat Power calculation was incorrectly affected (increased) by use of certain items
    [FIX] Blood Howling skill did not work in Off-Level



    Updates V4

    New update, to play run launcher or download manual patch and extract over old game client! DOWNLOAD

    Fixed Spirit Stones required item minimum option and level
    Fixed not working obsidian effect enhancement coming from Lancer Shield options
    Abnormal attack range for selected elf skills
    Wrath mu online season 19 effect was not applied properly
    Combat power did not improve skill attack power for Grow Lancer class
    Rage Fighter continued to use buff endlessly when "Ignore Target's Defense" skill was used within Offline Leveling mode in season 19
    Added Lightning items in Xshop
    Ice Wind castle each day 16.00 starts registration, event start 16.30 /reqicewind


    Updates V2

    New update applied to server, run launcher to get latest patch!

    Elites Underground drops Ruud 5000, respawn 1hour!
    Elites Vocanus drops Brilliant Weapons (10% FO chance) +50 Wcoins
    Elites Burned Tarkan Apocalypse weapon (10% FO chance) +50 Wcoins
    Apocalypse Weapons Added custom options (needs to be FO +15 to activate)

    As server is made that charters does high damage  all mobs HP adjusted (buffed) on all maps

    Adjusted Grow lancer skills, nerfed regular damage, Majestic skill damage buffed!
    Elite Bosses re-spawns 1hour after kill!
    Elite Torment Island spawn 1min! (reward 5Wcoins)
    Torment Island added in drop Mithrils/Artifacts


    Mu online Season 19

    MAX Mu Online Season 19 Part 1-1 Presents a New Grow lancer renewal, Apocalypse Weapons, Lightning items, map Tomenta island


    Server Opening 9.November


    UTC +2, 17.00-Poland
    UTC +8, 23.00-Singapore/Philippines (server local time)
    UTC +7, 22.00-Vietnam
    UTC -3 12.00-Argentina


    Mu Online Season 19 Part 1-1 is already here! This season brings:

    • Grow lancer skill update and renewals
    • Apocalypse weapons
    • New mastery Lightning items
    • New map tomenta square with new elites (drops Wcoins)
    • Grow lancer muun
    • Later in season 1-3 new skill tree and 5th quest

    Version: Mu Online Season 19, New Character Illusion Knight, +full Season 18Part2 Features

    Custom jewels, events, game commands!


    Experience: X9999
    Max stats: 32000
    Points per level: 10
    Master PPL: 5
    Majestic PPPL: 5

    Quest: Use command /evo on 400, 800lvl to do quest


    Resets: 400lvl in game: /reset
    Reset Stats stays
    Reset reward: 10Wcoins, 10Goblin Points, 1000 RUUUD
    StarterGift: Lucky setl vl1, + Rage earings


    Mix rates:
    Soul + luck 100%, Without 75%
    Life: 70%

    Chaos machine for regular items & Earrings:
    +10, +11 = 100% +12 = 90% +13 = 80% +14 = 75% +15 = 70%
    Errtels/Pentas level up: till +7 =100% +8 = 90% +9 = 80% +10 = 70%

    Server location: United States