Server time:
Server name: X9999


    Max Mu Online Season 18 News

    Move to MU99999

    Server has ended, all donations can be used again on MU9999 server


    Updates V5

    New updates have been applied to the server, to play run the launcher or download manualy patch HERE and extract over the old client!

    Fixed DONATION page

    [FIX] Fixed guardian item defense does not apply after re-login
    [MOD] Changed Shining Peak skill attack behavior to match original
    [FIX] Specialized stats do not display/apply for Illusion Knight class
    [FIX] Illusion Knight Avatar does not apply critical/excellent damage properly
    [FIX] Illusion Blade Mastery option does not work
    [FIX] Item duplication vulnerability
    [FIX] Sword Inertia skill damage
    [FIX] Inability to split overlapped items at certain situations
    [FIX] Issue with moving across event map for Ice Wind Castle event
    [MOD] Changed event inventory empty space requirement from 4x4 to 1x1
    [FIX] Ability to kill Avatar/Illusion of Dark Wizard while in Offline Levelling mode
    [FIX] Inability to marry by Illusion Knight class
    [FIX] Mini icons of buffs sometimes do not appear within party UI
    [FIX] Solid Protection Tank Damage functionality
    [FIX] Illusion Knight Avatar skill damage does not appear




    Updates V4 +Halloween Event

    Maintenance and Updates 20 minutes! The server back online, to get the latest patch run MaxMuOnline Updates.exe from the game folder

    Halloween event enabled: Pumpkin of Luck drops all maps randomly, it can drop jewel, 10% Change for a custom jewel like, Jewel of Level and Jewel of FO


    [FIX] Item duplication vulnerability
    [FIX] Issue where Illusion Knight Avatar blocked the ability to hit other players by Illusion's owner
    [FIX] Issue where using Orb of Spiral Charge applied Crusher Charge skill and vice-versa
    [FIX] Improved Mu Online Season 18 game-play security
    [FIX] Issue where it was not possible to obtain items from Gremory Case
    Removed Pet Item level requirement
    Added custom sockets to Illusion Knight Items
    Added drop Mysterious Stone drop in: Old Kethothum, Blaze Kethothum, Kanturu Underground




    Updates V3

    New Update has been applied to the server, to play, run MaxMuOnline Updates.exe or download the patch manually HERE

    Added in item drop maps:
    AshyAida, OldKethotum, Blaze Kethotum, Kanturu Undergrounds: Goblin Treasure Box (drops ancient items) and Mithril Fragment
    Kanturu Undergrounds added Silver Key and Gold Key Drop

    [FIX] Issue where Blood Castle event did not start 
    [FIX] Issue where buffs could disappear when reaching certain buffs limit
    [FIX] Issue where Archangel Blade to Blessed Archangel Blade mix did not work
    [FIX] Issue where Illusion Knight's mastery sets 2nd-8th did not display ancient options
    [FIX] Blocked ability of using Illusion Avatar skill in Offline Levelling (temporary, due client bug)
    [FIX] Issue where Golden Monsters spawned trough any of non-event spawn systems did not respawn
    [FIX] Issue where Elite Monsters did not apply debuff upon successful attack properly
    [FIX] Issue where splash damage was not applied correctly or was not applied at all
    [ADD] Illusion Knight Mastery sets and Weapons
    [ADD] Illusion Knight 3rd and 4th wings
    [ADD] Mu Online Season 18 Illusion Knight Socket Items
    [ADD] Illusion Knight Archangel weapons and upgrade to blessed one
    [FIX] Issue where use of Blade Storm skill resulted in disconnection
    [FIX] Issue where Elemental Defense/Attack buffs did not work for Offline Levelling
    [FIX] Issue where JoL could not be used for Illusion Knight Cloaks
    [FIX] Issue where Illusion Avatar attacked other characters (PvP)
    [ADD] Added missing Illusion Knight Blood Angel Blade to Ruud Shop
    [FIX] Issue where Illusion Knight skills did not work in Offline Levelling
    [FIX] Issue where Illusion Avatar could cause damage to the avatar's owner


    Added commands /npc and /store





    Updates V2

    Updates/Bugfixes, fixed reported issues! For Xshop update run MaxMuOnline Updates! 


    Updated Chaos machine rates: 
    Chaos machine for regular items & Earrings:
    +10, +11 = 100% +12 = 90% +13 = 80% +14 = 75% +15 = 70%
    Errtels/Pentas level up: till +7 =100% +8 = 90% +9 = 80% +10 = 70%


    Updated Max Mu Online Season 18 WCoin rewards on Elites:

    Abys Atlans 10Wc ,Socred Canyon 12Wc, Red Icarus 14Wc,
    Arenil Temple 16Wc, Ashen Aida 18Wc, Blaze Kothotum 20Wc, Kanturu UnderGround 25Wc

    Xshop added Illusion Knight items for Goblin Points and Wcoins
    Updated Ice Wind Walley reward: 5000Wcoins +5000GP for Guild Master of the winning guild
    Fixed VIP Buff Icons!